Netball Cities in Florida: 
  • Orlando - The Orlando Phoenix at Dr. Sylvester Hankins Park
  • St. Leo's: At St. Leo's University 
  • Tampa: At University of Tampa and University of South Florida
  • West Palm Beach - Rivierra Beach
  • Delray Beach - Pompey Park
  • Boyton Beach
  • Coral Springs: At Coral Ridge 
  • North Lauderdale  
  • Lauderdale Lakes: At Vincent Torres Park  
  • Lauderhill: At the Central Broward Regional Park and Lauderhill Sports Complex 
  • Miamar: At Lakeshore, and Ainsin Sports Complex  
  • Pembroke Park  
  • North Miami
Many more cities have joined the fun and have installed netball courts in their jurisdition. The City of Lauderdale Lakes was the first city to install a dedicated netball court at theVincent Torres Park. Now two decades later we have courts in city parks as well as regional parks, and at universiies, spead throughout the State. Our latest development is the indoor Saturday afternoon/evening program, and the Drop-in Netball at Noon, at Pompey Park, in the City of Delray Beach, Palm Beach County.
  • Opportunities to work for your umpiring badge
  • Umpiring Clinics
  • Coaching Clinics
  • Umpires provided for special events
Inaugurtion of the netball courts in the City of North Lauderdale 
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In 2005, in the flurry surrounding the World Youth Netball Championships, here at the Broward Convention Center, the FNA Workforce made a commitment to turn Florida into the hub for netball in the United States. As part of a five-year development plan, the process to accomplish this goal was set in motion.

Now the buzz that started in South Florida, with its world famous attractions, has spread to Central Florida, with its equally famous world attractions. We continue to have school teams from around the world visit us in the Spring and Fall, during their school breaks. Some of our visitors have been from: The Bahamas, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, England, Jamaica, New Zealand, Trinidad and Tobago, US Virgin Islands, and Wales.
Red Team are being used to explain playing areas:
  • Goal Shooter (GS):  1 & 2
  • Goal Attack (GA): 1, 2 & 3
  • Wing Attack  (WA): 2 & 3
  • Center (C)               2, 3 &4
  • Wing Defence(WD): 3 & 4
  • Goal Defence (GD):  3, 4 & 5
  • ​Goal Keeper (GK):   4 & 5
​Opposing Blue Team positions share common playing area with Red Team.

See Above Diagram
Under the night lights at Central Broward Regional Park: Visiting Welch school team competed against Pacesetters of Miramar 
Practicing for Practical Certification
As of June 26, 2011, Mr. Kerret Wright is a certified Level 3 Umpire.
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